Restore Your Core is now Elemental Body™

Elemental Body™ guides you to find TRUE CORE POWER.  

Discover full body strength while supporting and healing your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.


Never do another Crunch.  You do not need to do hundreds of crunches or obtain a six pack to find your core strength.  True core power includes a subtle and intelligent dance between the breath, optimal alignment and activation of the entire core network.  







Safe for Every Body.  This system, originally developed for the postpartum mom, is effective for everyone and can help to heal core related injuries like diastasis recti, incontinence (leaky bladder), back pain and organ prolapse.






Strong and Supple.  Healthy muscles develop with a balance of tone and flexibility.  Elemental Body™ opens the body to reduce tension, move more energy and evoke your innate sensuality.





Full Body Transformation.  Elemental Body™ is a full body, whole being system teaching you to access core power in everything that you do.  Discover a new relationship with your body as you liberate new pathways that invite joy, empowerment and thriving health.






Elemental Body™ was developed by Lara Catone, lifelong devotee to the study of movement and all around women's health geek.  Lara has been movin' and shakin' since birth and throughout her life has enjoyed dance (in many forms), acrobatics, swimming, snow boarding, mountain biking, strength training and free style climbing.  

Today she leads a worldwide movement of turned on women waking up to the pleasure, wisdom and power of their bodies.  As a mentor and somatic educator Lara inspires women in aligning with their reproductive cycles, finding sexual wholeness, navigating changes during the childbearing years and owning their authentic feminine expression.

Lara has spent the past 15 years studying and practicing the healing arts and has attended over 50 women in labor as a birth doula and midwife assistant.  She is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sexologist and yoga teacher with over a decade of experience. 

Elemental Body™ organically emerged as Lara began investigating how to restore the post baby core as a childbirth educator and yoga teacher.  For the past six years she has been independently studying how to heal conditions like diastasis recti and pelvic dysfunction while working with dozens of moms in her private practice.